Our Story

Red Table Catering was founded in 2002 by Brooke Costello and Melanie de Coppet, moving to its current location in Brooklyn in 2005. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of cooking for private parties, family meals, corporate events and major public events. Our professional team of chefs and servers understand that while every job is different, they all call for the finest food, artfully delivered.

Brooke Costello, Owner & Head Chef


Brooke has always cooked, and his cooking experience is as varied as his palette. He started cooking professionally as a teenager in Buffalo, New York, making fresh pasta and Buffalo wings at a mom and pop Italian joint. As a student at Oberlin College, Brooke worked in a student-run food co-op, where he baked bread, made tofu and yogurt and learned the importance both of sourcing superior local products and focusing on people’s experience with the food he created.

After college Brooke worked in Bertorelli, a fine Italian restaurant in London’s Covent Garden, in the smoker at Ruby’s BBQ in Austin, Texas and at Austin’s premier caterer Word Of Mouth Catering. His last major stop before New York was in the market center of Santiago, Chile where he spent three years creating dishes with the incredible bounty of regional seafood and produce and learned from some of Santiago’s best cooks.