Exquisite Brooklyn Wedding Catering and the Greater NYC Area

Who says there’s no romance in the big city? Whether it’s the turn-of-the-century grandeur of venues like Weylin or the Foundry, the Neoclassical splendor of our rambling parks and outdoor spaces, or the industrial chic of classic buildings such as the Queens Museum and the Metropolitan Building, the New York City area offers an abundance of unforgettable locations in which to stage your wedding. And with years of experience ensuring that every single dish is as picturesque, delicious and unforgettable as the day itself, no one is better qualified to prepare unbelievable wedding food for this special event than Red Table Catering, in Brooklyn NYC since 2005.

Planning Your Dream Feast: Tips from a Seasoned Wedding Caterer in NYC

Many people are intimidated by the process of planning their wedding dinner, and it’s easy to understand why: Weddings are emotional affairs, bringing together far-flung family members and with them all the feelings these reunions often evoke. And let’s face it: Weddings are among the larger expenditures in one’s life, and with that comes the fear that not everything will work out exactly as planned.

Trust us: We get it. Having catered many hundreds of weddings and proudly joined the ranks of top NYC wedding caterers, we’re well situated to help ease your concerns.

For starters, we base all of our suggestions on you, your taste, and your budget (do keep in mind that our pricing structure is built on a minimum $1500 for food costs). We believe that every person and every couple is unique, and the foods you offer your honored guests should match your unique style and vision.

Exceptional New York Wedding Venues

When it comes to wedding planning, location is everything—well actually, we think taste is everything—and while we’re always excited when clients suggest their own venues and purveyors, we’re equally happy to point you towards the many unforgettable sites the New York Metropolitan area has to offer, ranging from the intimate and pastoral to the chic and industrial, many of them offering unparalleled vistas of the greatest city on earth.

We maintain close relationships with a collection of venues, rental purveyors and florists, and we’re always happy to forge a connection and help you coordinate all the many moving parts of a successful wedding.

Taste Is Everything: Greatest Hits from our Brooklyn Wedding Catering Menus

“Local cuisine” isn’t just a catchy marketing idea. Our beloved neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a culinary hotbed, and we’re excited to bring you the very best bites in partnership with local butchers, fishmongers, farmers’ markets and specialty shops, including Nick and Sons, Porto Rico Importing, Saxelby Cheesemongers, and Fossil Farms.

Of course, tasting is believing. We love to host wedding tastings in Brooklyn with prospective clients, and you can taste our cuisine any time you like at Thompson Brooke, a New England-style tavern at 631 Grand St. in Williamsburg. Favorites from past weddings have included:

Wedding Sample Menu

Hors D’oeuvres Choose 6

Beef carpaccio, arugula, pecorino, and truffle

Arancini with prosciutto and saffron aioli

Smoked bacon, apple, spiced maple syrup

Deviled egg, with basil, anchovy and capers

Mini Icelandic hot dog, fried onions, remoulade

Vietnamese summer roll, smoked tofu, sweet and sour dipping

The New England Seafood Table

Raw oysters on the half shell / mignonette

Maine lobster tail and claw / buttered roll

Raw clams / Red Table smoked hot sauce

Cherrystone clam dip / cape cod potato chips

Shrimp cocktail / cocktail sauce

Marinated mussels / lemon aioli

Breads and crackers

Drawn butter / lemons / sea salt


House made focaccia with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil

(served Family Style)

Red oak / lolla rosa lettuce / roasted pears / chevre /sweet roasted almonds / pear cider reduction

Grilled and marinated vegetables


Gnocchi / tomato butter / basil pesto

Main: Duo

Seared sea bass / soft polenta / wild mushrooms / herbs and oil

Skirt steak tagliata / pan juices / grilled eggplant / crushed potatoes / gremolata


Mint and pea risotto / grilled asparagus / red pepper pickles and oil

(Choice or Station) With Petit Four At Table

Flourless chocolate cake / salted caramel / sweetened cream

Poached pear / lemon olive oil cake / mascarpone

Créme caramel

For more detailed information on our wedding services and menus please peruse our downloadable .pdf brochure below.