Alcohol Catering

Red Table Catering is proud to bring our culinary expertise to special events all over the NYC Metropolitan area, our food is only one part of the equation. For many parties and special events, bar service or alcohol catering are essential components. Did you know that Red Table Catering is one of relatively few New York City caterers fully licensed to provide alcohol catering for parties?

While you can always contract with any number of service providers for your bar catering, combining your food and alcohol catering brings advantages. Setup and breakdown is simplified, transport and staffing are streamlined, and of course we take of the permitting process, which can be both cumbersome and challenging.

Of course, if you’d rather handle the alcohol service yourself, that’s an option. We’ve even written a blog on the topic of how to arrange alcohol service at a special event in New York. But in general, most of our clients are grateful to let us handle this complicated part of the party-planning equation.

Bar Service

Red Table Catering maintains relationships with several alcohol distributors in New York City, allowing us access to a vast list of wines, beers, ciders and more from all around the globe. But we’re mixologists too, who love the pizzazz a signature craft cocktail can lend to a party or gathering. At our special event space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (yes, our storefront doubles as a party space and bar!) we’ve collected cocktail recipes that run the gamut from the traditional to the cutting-edge—everything from daiquiris to Scarlet Glow Punch to artisanal oyster shooters and beyond.

If you’re interested in enlivening your next catered event with one or more of these craft cocktails, just ask. We’d love to bring our exceptional bar service to your catered dinner, cocktail party, or any other type of gathering.